Wednesday, August 19, 2015

There's no place like HOME! {HUGE news!!}

Boy oh boy... the last 48 hours have been crazy for us.

We had our final meeting with our venue to wrap up any loose ends. And things didn't go well. They decided they want to charge $5 per car to park in their lot. We refused. We negotiated the original contract to include parking, we paid our deposit, and had everything under control. We thought. Yet, they insisted that they were now going to charge $5/car. We refuse to let our shoppers get double charged: once for parking and once to shop.
{we're thrilled to be giving part of the entry fees to ICT S.O.S. again this year!}

After many phone calls and heated discussions with big businessmen, we pulled out.
Kansas Barn Sale will no longer be held in Park City.
Hesston, KS.
It'll have the big barn and atmosphere that many of you were concerned about losing.

We have arranged 4 times the number of restrooms we had last year.
We have 3 times the amount of parking we had last year.
We have more signs down the dirt road to direct people to the parking area. (no need to park on the roads when there's a huge lot next to the show!)
If you can find Hesston, KS you will find Kansas Barn Sale. No worries! You won't miss it!

If you need to book a new hotel room, we suggest AmericInn in Hesston, KS. Mention Kansas Barn Sale for a possible discount.

I, personally, am not a fan of indecisiveness and things changing constantly. I'm old, stubborn, and set in my ways. But we did feel like this was the only way to successfully have Kansas Barn Sale this year.

Peace, junk, and lemonade (maybe spiked with vodka)...