Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Meet the KANSAS Barn Sale Chicks

Who are the Kansas Barn Sale Chicks, anyway?

We're Beki and Stacee.
Beki is a wife, mom of 3, author, and runs a successful jewelry business, The Rusted Chain.
In 2010 she had a(nother) wild idea, one of many- A Barn Sale.
There was nothing like it in the state of Kansas!
It would be a juried show with the highest quality vendors selling only art and vintage goods.
An event like this in the Midwest would be so well received!
She could see the potential, and oh it was big!

Stacee is also a wife and mom of 3. She attended and graduated from Kansas State University.  Her current role is as a Stay at Home Mom.
She loved Beki's idea of this big Kansas Barn Sale. She could see the twinkle in the eye. But she knew there needed to be someone to pull it together.
Dreamers tend to not be very organized or structured and Stacee knew that was a need she could fill. She offered to help.
And since they're family and all (cousins by marriage), it worked well.
A set of dreams and a set of brains. One dreamer and one doer.
It's a match made in rusty junky Kansas heaven!
They are BS (Barn Sale) partners, have regular BS meetings, and the best of friends.

Their goal is to shine. Shine a spotlight on the beautiful state of Kansas. Shine God's light during the sale, promoting family values, good morals, and an All-American festival. Shine to their kids, showing hard work and perseverance. Shine God, shine family, and shine barns. 

We can't wait to meet you on Oct. 5! 


  1. what a fantastic barn sale once again! my husband , daughter and i enjoyed it so much. we plan early in the year so we can have this special date together!

  2. I saw this on Pillows Ala Mode and will be returning to Kansas this month but will miss the sale by a couple of weeks. MA has one of these vintage sales that is held over two days in the fall and is a huge success. I hope yours continues to be a fun, family event and a successful business for you both.


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